Oregon Orchardgrass
Seed Producers Commission

Orchardgrass Seed
Producers Commission
The Orchardgrass Commission member qualifications are determined by the Oregon Administrative Rule 655-015-0010
2017-18 Commissioners
Larry Pfennig, Chairman
4764 Bradford Loop SE
Salem, OR  97302
Larry Warfel, Vice-Chairman
26872 Peoria Rd.
Halsey, OR  97348

Daryl Roth, Treasurer
35891 Bohlken Drive
Lebannon, OR 97355
Roger Biegel, Commissioner
784 Independence Highway
Albany, OR  97321
Craig Berger, Commissioner
29706 HWY 34
Albany, OR  97321
Scott Miley, Commissioner
P.O. Box 160
Amity, OR  97101

Darrell Smucker, Commissioner
32790 Twin Buttes Drive
Halsey, OR  97348